Corporate Car Hire: Pros of Choosing Them for Airport Transfers


Being a corporate traveller means having to stick to a regimented schedule. Any last minute delays can make your entire day unravel, especially if you have meetings lined up back to back in different cities. To limit the risk of being late for your corporate appointments, you should plan your travel arrangements from the airport. Instead of choosing to rent a car during your travels, hiring a corporate driver would be much more beneficial to your needs.

22 March 2017

How to Throw a Family Reunion...Even When You Hate Organizing!


If you've been left in charge of planning a family reunion and are not sure you're up to the job, the following tips will help you get through the organising stage with ease so that you can get on the part where you are hanging out with your family and enjoying good food and conversation! Start planning ASAP The sooner you start planning and come up with a date and time, the better.

14 March 2017

Ways to Save Money When Using Airport Shuttle Service


When you are travelling in out of Australia, you will need transport to the airport so you can board your flight, and when you fly back into the country, you will also require transport service from the airport to your home. Like many other price-savvy travellers looking for hassle-free yet affordable transport, you might be interested in saving money spent on airport shuttle service. If so, here are some useful money-saving tips you can apply to ensure you pay less but still enjoy a comfortable ride.

14 March 2017

Top Nitty-Gritties to Ponder Before Hiring a Coach for Your School Trip


Are you organising a school field trip and need to hire a charter bus to that end? If yes, there are probably so many things that you will need to think through before finally hiring a specific type of bus for the trip. But some things tend to be more important than others and therefore require deeper deliberation.  Here is a look at some of the most important considerations you should make to help you choose the right charter bus for your school trip.

6 March 2017

Private Charter Flights And Children


Hiring a private charter flight for the extended family to attend a special event is certainly the ultimate way to travel. The privacy, comfort and total convenience offer an unforgettable experience. If you are thinking of hiring a charter and have a number of children in the party, you possibly have many questions concerning their travelling requirements. Here are some handy answers to common questions concerning flight charter and children, from babies to teens.

31 March 2015