Difficulty Using Public Transport: Would You or Anyone You Know Benefit From a Taxi Subsidy Scheme?


Sometimes the very act of using some forms of public transport can be too much. It's something that is easy to take for granted—the seemingly simple act of walking to a bus stop or train station, and then riding public transport (often having to change lines along the way) until you get to where you need to be.

Are you or someone you know affected by an impairment or disability that makes using public transport difficult? It might be a neurological or physical impairment, essentially anything that makes it near impossible to use public transport without a companion. Taxis make getting where you need to be infinitely more straightforward, but the constant use of a taxi can obviously be quite expensive. Do you or someone you know qualify for a Taxi Subsidy Scheme?

Your State or Territory

The official title of such a scheme will vary depending on which state or territory in which you live, and the eligibility will also vary somewhat. The scheme is regulated by the Department of Transport in each state or territory, and so you should enquire with them as to eligibility. It essentially subsidies the use of cabs for persons who might not have any other option.

A Doctor's Endorsement

Generally speaking, the person applying for the subsidy scheme will need to have an endorsement from their doctor. This is essentially a formal declaration of eligibility stating that the person is unable to use other forms of public transport due to their condition. It might be a temporary endorsement, such as when a person has suffered a temporary incapacitation due to an injury—something that they will recover from. In this instance, a temporary entry into the subsidy scheme might be approved by the Department of Transport.

Coverage Under the Subsidy

In more permanent entrants to the subsidy scheme, the eligible person will be affected by severe mobility issues (use of a wheelchair or an inability to walk unaided), a severe vision impairment, a neurological condition that can result in seizures, or an intellectual impairment. Some types of mental illness might also be covered.

It's really just a case of contacting the Department of Transport in your state or territory to get the ball rolling. Once an application is approved, the eligible person then just orders taxis from one of the many approved companies as needed. It's a great scheme for those who truly need it.


18 May 2017

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