Benefits of Choosing Rail Transport for Heavy Haulage


Depending on the type of heavy haulage needs you have, you may be given the option of transport by road or rail. If you have never used rail transport before for heavy haulage, you may overlook it at first. Before you overlook the option of rail transport, here are a few benefits you should consider. By considering these benefits, you can be better equipped to choose if rail transport may be ideal now or later on with other transports you have during the year.

13 December 2018

Why You Should Prefer Using Taxi Services to Hired Cars


Are you visiting a new city? Do you need reliable transport means to move around? In this case, you have the option of hiring a car during your stay or using a taxi. Below are various reasons why you should use taxis instead of hiring cars. Unnecessary expenses You can assume that hiring a car will enable you to become more flexible during your stay. However, this flexibility comes at a cost.

20 April 2018

Planning a Mature, Hangover-Free Buck's Night Pub-Crawl


Buck's parties have a reputation for being rowdy, chaotic and extremely drunken. If that's your sort of thing, it's not too difficult to organise an event that will satisfy the whole party, even if nobody can remember a thing the next morning. Not everyone wants that kind of buck's party, however, and to ensure it doesn't end up getting messy, it's important to plan things carefully. Planning a bus-based buck's night pub crawl can easily become a recipe for serious hangovers, but it doesn't have to be.

8 February 2018

Important Questions to Ask When Planning an Aerial Photography Tour


If you want to tour a certain landmark, ruins, or other such area, and you want the most unique view without missing any detail, you might choose an aerial photography tour. This type of tour can ensure you see very side and angle of that particular attraction and can keep you safe if you want to visit a volcano, waterfall, or other such hazardous spot. You also don't need to worry about crowded and congested roads and viewing areas when you choose an aerial tour!

17 November 2017

3 Benefits of Hiring a Personal Driver


If you need to make a regular journey, but you do not want to drive yourself, you may be thinking about booking a taxi service. You may not have even considered hiring a personal driver. However, hiring a personal driver offers several benefits which are not provided by a regular taxi service. Below is a guide to these benefits. You will have the same person driving you every day If you book with your transport using a standard taxi company, it is unlikely that you will have the same driver picking you up every time you need a lift.

6 September 2017

Difficulty Using Public Transport: Would You or Anyone You Know Benefit From a Taxi Subsidy Scheme?


Sometimes the very act of using some forms of public transport can be too much. It's something that is easy to take for granted—the seemingly simple act of walking to a bus stop or train station, and then riding public transport (often having to change lines along the way) until you get to where you need to be. Are you or someone you know affected by an impairment or disability that makes using public transport difficult?

18 May 2017

What You Need to Consider before Transporting Manufactured Goods Across Country


Australia is one of the largest countries by landmass in the world. It's also one of the foremost nations when it comes to trade and commerce. While international markets are very important to any business owner, manufacturers of products need to pay attention to the strength of the domestic distribution network. What do you need to consider if you're considering the transportation of goods to the far-flung corners of this great land?

8 May 2017