Planning a Mature, Hangover-Free Buck's Night Pub-Crawl


Buck's parties have a reputation for being rowdy, chaotic and extremely drunken. If that's your sort of thing, it's not too difficult to organise an event that will satisfy the whole party, even if nobody can remember a thing the next morning. Not everyone wants that kind of buck's party, however, and to ensure it doesn't end up getting messy, it's important to plan things carefully.

Planning a bus-based buck's night pub crawl can easily become a recipe for serious hangovers, but it doesn't have to be. If you're in charge of planning the big event and you want it to have a more mature tone, follow these tips to minimise the risk of everyone waking up unwell and confused.

Take care over your guest list

There's always that one person who, after a couple of drinks, insists everyone else drinks shot after shot until they forget where they are.

If you want your buck's night to be less drunken, you might want to reconsider inviting anyone who isn't an essential guest and has trouble behaving themselves. You don't necessarily need to stop them coming along, though. A quiet chat about what sort of party you want can work wonders.

Stop at the right kind of bars

Instead of planning a bus route that takes in all the loudest, craziest pubs, go for places where the quality of booze is more important than the quantity.

Craft beer pubs, fancy cocktail bars and places that stock good wines are all fine choices. It puts the emphasis on enjoying the drinks rather than the effect they have.

Make sure you arrange a good meal

Having full stomachs means you can drink a little bit more without things getting out of hand, and it slows down the drinking a bit.

Choose somewhere with good-quality food that will fill everyone up, instead of just making a quick stop for pizza and cheap beer.

Fill out the party with different events

There are plenty of things you can do that don't involve alcohol, and these can be factored into your plan either as a break from drinking or as something to do before you hit the first bar.

Sports and games, shooting ranges, and laser tag are popular activities that are best done before the drinking begins. For something to slow down or break up the drinking, seeing a band, watching a movie, or going to a sporting event are all good choices.

Prepare the bus

Try to avoid taking excessive amounts of alcohol onboard the party bus, as the temptation will probably be too great. You should also make sure there are snacks and soft drinks as alternatives.

Non-drinking activities like card games help fill the time between stops, and they encourage conversation instead of downing more alcohol while the bus is on the move. 

Contact a party bus hire company for more ideas.


8 February 2018

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