Important Questions to Ask When Planning an Aerial Photography Tour


If you want to tour a certain landmark, ruins, or other such area, and you want the most unique view without missing any detail, you might choose an aerial photography tour. This type of tour can ensure you see very side and angle of that particular attraction and can keep you safe if you want to visit a volcano, waterfall, or other such hazardous spot. You also don't need to worry about crowded and congested roads and viewing areas when you choose an aerial tour! Whatever your reasons for choosing such a tour, note a few important questions to ask so you know it proceeds smoothly and so you can plan the tour properly.

Ask if you share the helicopter with other passengers

Some helicopters are meant to hold a large number of persons, and the tour operator may schedule a group that will fill the helicopter, just like a shuttle or van service that carries a number of passengers at once. If you prefer a private tour, be sure you ask about this or choose that option when making your arrangements; otherwise, you might be sharing the ride with other tourists while in the air.

Ask if you want to see a special location

Helicopter tours usually have a certain route mapped out that they use for those who want to see a landmark or other area; this doesn't mean you can't take a detour and see something nearby, but don't assume that you can tell the helicopter where to go once it's in the air. Helicopter pilots need clearance to enter certain airspace and also need to ensure they have enough fuel for their travel; they may not have much additional fuel in the tank beyond what is needed so that they don't add to the weight of the helicopter. So if you want to visit any area that is not on a travel brochure or advertised as part of a tour, always ask ahead of time so the helicopter service can prepare.

Ask about added gear

It may be expected that you will bring a lightweight camera bag and perhaps a handbag when you take a helicopter tour, but don't assume you can bring a very large camera, lots of extra lenses and other equipment, and other such items. Room inside a helicopter is limited, and it may not have proper tie-downs to keep things secure. Those items may also add to the weight of the helicopter so that it uses more fuel than expected. Always ask before bringing anything large or bulky on your helicopter tour.


17 November 2017

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