Private Charter Flights And Children


Hiring a private charter flight for the extended family to attend a special event is certainly the ultimate way to travel. The privacy, comfort and total convenience offer an unforgettable experience. If you are thinking of hiring a charter and have a number of children in the party, you possibly have many questions concerning their travelling requirements.

Here are some handy answers to common questions concerning flight charter and children, from babies to teens.

Does Baby Have Their Own Seat?

Regulations cover private charters in the same way as commercial airlines. This means that a child of two years of age is required to have their own seat. Until then, a baby can travel free on the mother's lap. Alternatively you can take the baby's car seat along, which can then be strapped into a rear facing aircraft seat.

Can A Newborn Fly?

Mothers with newborn babies are able to fly soon after the baby is born as there are no regulations preventing this. Airlines may have slightly different policies so it is best to check your provider's rules. Some airlines state that the baby should be two days old and others may require that they are at least a week old. It may be necessary to have a doctor's letter for very new babies and also if the mother has recently undergone a caesarean birth.

What About Taking A Stroller?

You will have much more freedom with your luggage on a private charter. You can take a child's pram or stroller and wheel it right onto the plane if you wish. Alternatively it can be stored in the luggage compartment and made available as soon as you are ready to leave the aircraft.

Are Baby Foods And Milk Permitted On Board?

All baby food requirements can be taken on a private charter and handed to staff as you are ready to board. However, you can also have them all pre-ordered, prepared to your specifications and ready waiting for you, if you wish.

Are Children's Special Dietary Needs Catered For?

Your private charter service will be only too happy to provide for the needs of the children on board. Just notify them of any allergies and intolerances and specify your child's preferences. It's all part of the specialised service of private travel.

Will The Children Be Entertained?

Most private charters will have the latest communication and technology to keep kids entertained. You can request particular games, videos, music, books and toys beforehand to keep your children thoroughly engaged.

Most children will really enjoy the excitement of a private flight and get a huge buzz when they are able to meet the pilot, visit the cockpit and get a first hand view of the flight controls – not an experience available on a commercial flight. This will be a memorable event they will want to tell all their school friends about.

Teenagers can be picky at any time but you can make sure that the on board entertainment is arranged to suit your teen's preferences. The latest copies of their favourite magazines and some snacks should work wonders. They will also be able to interact with all their devices, tablets and game gadgets if they are not able to tear themselves away from them.

On arrival at your destination there is no tiresome waiting for your luggage to eventually find its way on to a carousel. There is no need to manage restless children or unsettled babies. Your luggage is unloaded with you and you're ready to go right away.

The many advantages that a private air charter can offer make travelling with family and children of all ages so convenient. It is certainly an experience that the entire family can enjoy. Parents can unwind, relax and appreciate some pleasant adult company knowing that the kids' needs are well covered and they are thoroughly entertained.


31 March 2015

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