Top Nitty-Gritties to Ponder Before Hiring a Coach for Your School Trip


Are you organising a school field trip and need to hire a charter bus to that end? If yes, there are probably so many things that you will need to think through before finally hiring a specific type of bus for the trip. But some things tend to be more important than others and therefore require deeper deliberation. 

Here is a look at some of the most important considerations you should make to help you choose the right charter bus for your school trip. 

Number of people to be transported

You cannot book a charter bus for your school trip without keeping in mind how many students and teachers will be going for the trip. This is the first and most important consideration you should make because road traffic laws generally prohibit carrying of excess passengers while on the road. Charter buses come in different passenger seating capacities, and it is essential to book a vehicle that can accommodate everyone, without anyone missing a seat. 

From a safety standpoint, an individual who is standing or not properly seated in a school trip bus, or any other kind of motor vehicle for that matter, does not stand to gain from the safety protection systems designed into the vehicle, and is exposed to a higher risk of injury in case of a collision or a sudden driving manoeuvre.

If you can't find a bus whose passenger seating capacity matches the exact number of people who will be going for the trip, it is better to settle for a vehicle with a slightly higher seating capacity than one that offers a lower seating capacity. 

Level of comfort desired 

Passenger seating capacity is not the only factor you should take into consideration when you are selecting a charter bus for a school trip; comfort matters as well, especially if you're travelling over long distances. Choose a bus that will ensure your students and teachers ride in comfort. Comfort is essential because it can turn your trip into a joyful ride. Consider hiring a bus that is equipped with air conditioning, adjustable seating cushioned with high-quality padding, television, clean bathrooms, and so on.

Once you have established the passenger seating capacity and comfort level required for your school trip, you will have an easier time deliberating on other requirements you might have. Remember that you can always talk to your charter bus hire company if you need any help choosing the right vehicle for your particular trip.


6 March 2017

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