Ways to Save Money When Using Airport Shuttle Service


When you are travelling in out of Australia, you will need transport to the airport so you can board your flight, and when you fly back into the country, you will also require transport service from the airport to your home. Like many other price-savvy travellers looking for hassle-free yet affordable transport, you might be interested in saving money spent on airport shuttle service. If so, here are some useful money-saving tips you can apply to ensure you pay less but still enjoy a comfortable ride.

Research for an affordable price

Booking an airport shuttle is a convenient way to make your trips to and/or from the airport, but not all airport shuttle companies charge the same rate for their rides. Prior to the day of travel, take time to thoroughly research for a reliable airport shuttle transport that fits your budget as well as your requirements. Look for something affordable and not cheap because very low-cost rides might not be so comfortable. 

Research for price discounts

Most transport companies that provide airport shuttle service usually reward their loyal customers in different ways. But the most common reward scheme is to offer a price discount for clients who regularly travel with them. The opportunity to 'Save 10% on your next ride,' for example, always looks very appealing especially when you think you paid a fair price for your current ride. 

As you research for a company that offers a competitive price for your shuttle ride to or from the airport, make sure you also check what price discounts are available for loyal riders. You never know—you might even be rewarded with a free ride after riding a specific number of times with your preferred airport shuttle service provider!

Consider sharing a ride

If you are a frequent taxi user, then you know that you will be charged the same price whether you ride solo or you occupy the whole car. For that reason, sharing your ride with other people that are travelling to or from the airport can be a smart way to save money, as you will all share in the total cost of the ride. 

To reach out to the price-sensitive riders, some airport shuttle companies offer shared ride transport service. What happens here is that different clients are grouped together according to their specific travel time and area(s). If you do not mind the inconvenience of having to make multiple stops along the trip, as other riders are being picked up from their origins or dropped off at their destinations, you can definitely save on airport shuttle service costs. 


14 March 2017

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